Negotiating with Bahay Financial Services

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Our three-day vacation in Davao City is a ” business with pleasure” trip. We brought the kids for them to see Eden Nature Park, Philippine Eagle, Crocodile Farm and experience the latest attraction in the city – the Emar’s Wave pool. But before going to these places, we went first to Bahay Financial Services to negotiate the full-payment of our housing unit. We spent the whole afternoon waiting for our number . There I realized that there were lots of manufactured homes in Davao City already foreclosed by the agency. I heard some financial obligations reaching up to a Million Pesos. Some were angry , I saw a woman crying…. but lots of them were begging . When our turn came , it was already 4pm, the officer-in-charge was already exhausted from the previous negotiation . I thank God for the wisdom… hubby’s professional introduction with matching smile and shaking of hands changed the “aura”. Our negotiation went pleasantly .Praise God the maximum discount at 70% was given to us. Wow! While most of homeowners were begging , the discount was given to us so easily.

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