Youth and Drug Addiction

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Summertime is one busy time of the youth in our church. They have programs aligned for this summer that focus on youth development. It has been their vision to see young people improve their live by having a higher principle in life and living a productive lifestyle in their younger years. The problem of Drug addiction, alcoholism, pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy and other social ills that plague our society today pushed them to reach out to those young people affected by this social disease. The fact that even Secondary schools today are offering Alcohol treatment to alcoholic students today is enough of a warning to be involved in societal change to preserve this generation.
Yes, alcoholism affects a third of the junior high schoolers in our place. Alcohol Treatment Centers have become an option to school officials and board concerned about the growing number of students cutting classes and are having drinking sprees just outside the school premises. The youth in our church gives values classes, concert symposiums, seminars and other programs in schools affected by drug problems and alcoholism. It’s part of their vision to see the young people in that school living a drug free and productive life in their younger years.

Today, the youth in our church are having values programs in four schools in our city and they are determined as ever to continue this noble act of reaching out to the young people and help their families as well. They just could not afford to see a young person’s life being wasted to illegal drugs and alcoholism. They even included in their values lectures Alcohol Treatment Programs that supports the school where they are reaching out to the students. That’s what I call a worthy cause.

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  1. parang na-guilty naman ako sa topic dito, hilig ko kasi uminom since 3rdyr high school, then pagkagraduate ko ng 2yr course sa college mejo di nako madalas uminom, mmmm, biktima din pala ako ng junior society na naging addictive sa alcohol, but anyway sana mabawas bawasan na at mawala na din ang bisyo 😛

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