Page Rank : 2

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This site was consistent to have a Page Rank of 3 when it was still with blogspot. When I purchased domain October last year, the PR went to zero. I really did not mind the PR O since this site was already accepted from an advertiser not particular with page rank and it is receiving regular tasks every week.

Yesterday, I check the Google Page Ranker found on this site and I was surprise that now it has a Page Rank of 2. Wow! Thank you Mr. Google! Thank you blogger friends for your visits too!

HK : Prisohan ug Rehas

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( Ang prisohan ug rehas sa police station)

( Ang akong kwintas nga iyang gui prenda human ug snatch…
kamolo pa mi ug kaso ron.. pati pawnshop kasuhan pud.)

This is a weekly meme in our own dialect.

Salamat sa Ginoo nga nadakpan gyud ang nag labni sa akong kwintas. Nagtinkagol na gyud sya sa prisohan. Kamolo pa ang among kaso… malooy man unta ko pero niingon ang pulis nga ipadayon gyud ang kaso para dili sila mag anad.

How much is an RV ( Recreational Vehicle) ?

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The first time I heard about a Recreational Vehicle here in our place was when one of our local movie celebrity was featured in a magazine inside her newly bought RV. I really wondered the cost it would take her to maintain that. As she told the interviewer, the RV costs her millions and it was one of her dearest possession. She worked hard for it and it was a gift for herself. The convenience of having to rest and relax, change her clothes after a shoot was a reward she prized most in spite spending a big money for it.

But one thing I thought was its maintenance. What if there would be a mechanical problem? Could they find a specialist in rv repair ?