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Waaahhh…. My 8 gig usb is no longer readable! I bought it just last month.. I regret I was able to plug it to our office desktop computer . I didn’t realized that the PC’s anti-virus already expired. Reformatting the USB will erase important files, is their another way to troubleshoot it? Please I need your help. Also it is safe to buy anti-virus software through the internet? Avast Anti-Virus software is on promo at 70% discount. Have you tried purchasing it online ?

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  1. I have new version of avast antivirus downloaded in my PC.In the Scan Logs it shows virus found in the Full System Scan.Should I delete the log?? But if I'll delete the Full System Scan Log then how will I run full system scan afterwards when I'll need it?? Help me please.Thanks!

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