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Miss Karen Chayne Sanchez ( I fondly call her KC ) is one of my first blogger friends when I was still starting my blog 2 years ago. For a long time we exchanged comments and messages at the shout box without knowing that we are just living 200 meters apart..Lol!

My God will continue to bless you more so that you can be a channel of blessings to others also. So here’s the baked spaghetti I prepared for you.

I would love to come to your party dressed in purple . I know there will be lots of your favorite pink to the party, but I already outgrown my pink cocktail dress…toinks!

Got a separate post for you here.

8 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KC

  1. Baked spaghetti– yum yum!!! Paboroto ng bayan! Gwapa kaayo ang birthday celebrant oi! Unya gwapa pud ang attendee in purple! 🙂

    I'm attending, too! I'm with a chaperon and we're bringing a yummy BUKO SALAD. Yum!!!

  2. wow kalami ba ani te… sa tinuod lang wala pajud ko katilaw aning baked spaghetti. Hope mahatdan ko nimo diri sa balay te…nyahaha!

    I so love your purple dress too! Salamat kaayo sa pag attend ate.. and yes by God's grace next month madayon najud ang atong pink party sa among pink haus! yehey!

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