Is June 13 a holiday?

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I am so sorry.. it’s not . I really thought it was since the school first day of class of my girl supposedly starts on June 13 but was moved to June 16. The administration office of the school said its because the Independence day holiday was moved to Monday and that because June 15 is our city’s charter day.

I did my own research today and found out that June 13, 2011 is a regular working day. Malacañang announced that Sunday ( June 12, 2011 ) will remain a regular holiday (113th Independence Day) and that it will not be moved to Monday, June 13.

Such a bad news to all the Filipino workers! We just hoped July 4 will be declared a Holiday.

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  1. Hi BB Grace! Salamat sa add. I added you na pud. 🙂 Will follow you sa GFC too. Unta maka-follow pud ka. As for the star, di nalang ko mag-expect kay karong payday, singko ra jud akong madawat. Hahaha. Sige nalang, kesa wala, di ba? 😀

  2. thank you BB Grace! will add you in a while…nagkaproblema pa sa akong net connection. anyways, dili diay holiday noh? sayang… hehee.

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