Thanks for the Holiday!

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The committees for our Church 25th Anniversary Celebration had a meeting today discussing every detail of the two weeks grand celebration to be held from August 12 – 25,2011. We barely have 60 days before the big event , so every one is gearing up to ensure everything will be in order. The chairman of documentation expressed the need to have as many camera as possible so that we will be able to capture every moment of each activity . My sister-in-law promised to gift us digital gps camera this Christmas. My hubby is planning to advance the gift for Father’s Day instead so that we can use it by August. What a good idea!

2 thoughts on “Thanks for the Holiday!

  1. At the end of our university course a group of between 5-6 of us plan to go to Disney World to celebrate. We want to stay in a villa just outside of the park and buy the tickets for the park in the package

  2. We thought about having a Barack Obama themed thanksgiving celebration but we decided against it. But we still love Barack and are very thankful Sarah Palin lost. She would have gotten us all killed…you betcha.

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