We must be ready for the rainy season

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It was a sunny day early this morning , so the kids went to school without any raincoats or umbrella. It was only during lunch time when we heard from the news that the earlier reports of Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) in Mindanao already turned to be a storm. Rain poured out strongly as I was going to the bank at 2pm. How I wish whistler radar detector is available in our place so that we will not be caught unaware. When it’s time to fetch the kids from school, it was still raining. Rain or shine tomorrow, we must be ready with our umbrellas and raincoats.

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  1. We are planning our Honeymoon and would like to go to Varadero. i am concerned about it being the rainy season. We would be going July 7-13. Does anyone know what the weather is usually like in Cuba in July.

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