SUV last January and House this December

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Above pictures are the latest addition in our dream wall. For almost 3 years now, hubby and I have been posting images of things we desired for at our dream wall so that we can be reminded to pray for them on a daily basis. Last January 2010, God gave us our SUV and we know with-in this year God will grant us the House renovation we have been dreaming for years now.

Major improvements that we will undertake is the construction of the second floor, repainting of walls and the installation granite sinks and counter. I know granite sink is priced steeply but it offers definite functional advantages in addition to their beautiful appearance.A granite sink and counters are a perfect complement to the warm, inviting, yet elegant look I have been dreaming for our kitchen.

I have finished estimating the total project cost. I pray God will pour out blessings so that we can start the renovation as soon as possible.