Good News and Bad News!

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Which do you prefer to hear first?

The bad news :

The wife of my high school classmate died yesterday . Her long battle with cancer
finally ended.

Good news :

A very close family friend now living in New York City got the result of his wife’s biopsy today and happily announced that laboratory test result is favorable. The preliminary test done two weeks ago which noted a breast cancer malignancy was superseded with the latest and more advance test result – No more cancer cells seen! Praise God !

Family of Musicians

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We are a family of musicians. My hubby and my sister-in-laws were brought up with music as part of their lives. They play lots of string and wind musical instruments – piano, guitar, violin, saxophone, harmonica and many more.

Our family on the other hand loves music too… but with a different genre . Being the youngest among 5 brothers, I was influenced with the music of their band like folk and country . My guitar lessons was made easy at age 9 because of them.

Now we are passing the legacy to our children. My son plays lead and rhythm guitar while my little girl started to learn piano .

Hot Cars in SG

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If you are a Car Lover and wanted to see in person vintage and luxury cars on the road… then visit Singapore. When we were there last month, me and my hubby can’t help but be amazed to see Ferrari, Maserati, Audi, Lexus , BMW, Mercedes Benz , Used MINI Cooper and other European hot cars on the road. Hyundai Accent which is only for the rich here in the Philippines was made as Taxi in SG.

A Matter of Touch

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Massage is just a matter of touch but it has lots of proven benefits to our health. It improves blood circulation, reduce high blood pressure, helps in the reduction of stress, aids detoxification, it can really help in the process of building white blood cells. Massage Brighton… advise people to have a massage of at least twice a month. This is a proven way to reduce stress and to have a better immune system.