Boracay? Or Academic Scholarship?

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We are all so sad… me, my hubby and the kids since our much awaited family holiday in Boracay Island this coming October 25-30 can not be realized. My son handed me the revised school calendar last night and unluckily the date of our travel wan the examination week of the high school level. Waaaahhhh…. We were already got airplane tickets . What shall we do? Cancel the vacation or gamble with the full academic scholarship with my son?

4 thoughts on “Boracay? Or Academic Scholarship?

  1. Omigosh, sayang naman… Well, it's your son's education and that's one priority… Next time na lang and refund your tickets or after the examination? How about that?

  2. I am a student from india. I scored 9.8 CGPA in AISSE (all india senior secondary examination) in class 10 in the session 2009-2010. I want to ask that in which scholarship schemes can I apply now……

  3. The child care is an important part because as the child in the early stage set teaching will reflect in the future grooming of them.

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