Good News and Bad News!

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Which do you prefer to hear first?

The bad news :

The wife of my high school classmate died yesterday . Her long battle with cancer
finally ended.

Good news :

A very close family friend now living in New York City got the result of his wife’s biopsy today and happily announced that laboratory test result is favorable. The preliminary test done two weeks ago which noted a breast cancer malignancy was superseded with the latest and more advance test result – No more cancer cells seen! Praise God !

6 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News!

  1. Sorry to hear that thankful kasi meron pa rin good news .. Anyway, bout the contest need ba subscribe sa lahat ng blog or optional? Can't open some links eh.. Yon iba ba wala talaga subscription link like kids turp .. thanks.

  2. Just now I saw the trailer of the movie "Milenge Milenge" with the caption "they are back". Though its good to see the old pair again but its equally hilarious to hear this song in Himesh's voice "Kuch to baki hai…"

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