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I could just imagine the beauty of the living room and dining room for our dream house. Granite countertops, granite dining tables and kitchen tables too. Wheeewww! But it would surely be one of those we look forward to for the next two years. We have been dreaming of having a new house with my family. My hubby and I made a sketch plan, a building design and an Isometric view of the house. We were all excited seeing the design and even pasted it on our dream wall. Every time we see it, we are reminded to pray and ask God for His provision. Yes, I myself dreamed of having a little garden outside our house, a music room and a study room for my husband who is a Church minister by profession.

Seeing the different kitchen designs in the net and the beauty of integrating granite materials really struck me. The natural granite designs added to the beauty and charm to dining tables and even in the bathrooms. That would be one of the features of our new home. It’s not only simple but elegant as well. I am starting to search for practical and affordable granite countertops price as early as now so we could be ready with our budget by the time we will start constructing our new house. This is a dream worth all our prayers and sacrifice too.

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  1. Yay! Kanindot! Lahi ra jud kung kaugalingon nimong balay kay makapagusto ka sa imong designs. Unlike, sa magrent or magsaka lang, limited lang.

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