Tom Cruise Ray Ban Aviators

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Among other sunglasses brands Ray Bans are one of the most iconic brands in the eye wear industry . From 1950 until these days it is the choice of lots of celebrities , fashion icons and even commoners because of it is functional in design, innovative in style, authentic and timeless . How could we forget Tom Cruise’s famous Ray-Ban Aviators in Top Gun? Ahhhh… I was in high school then and because I was a big fan of Tom Cruise, I sometimes sneaked my brother’s ray ban and wear it at school ! How about you? What’s your memorable experience with your ray ban?

3 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Ray Ban Aviators

  1. oso man gud kaniadto sa panahon ni kwan (di pabuking!) ang rayban hehehe… nindot ug me quality and rayban kaniadto

  2. the link has a list of ray ban outlets, pick one closer to your home, i would suggest you go to shoppers stop when they have a sale goin on

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