Top 5 YouTube Cartoons About Public Health

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There are a good number of public health cartoons on YouTube that are worth checking out. They depict various situations that affect public health in a simultaneously humorous and informative way. Here are the top 5 YouTube cartoons about public health.

Disability Seeker Faking Symptoms In A Psychiatrist Office

This video shows an individual trying to manipulate the health care system to get what they want. Public health is often torn between the attempt to help the sick and to not get taken in by those who just want to take advantage of the system. Individuals seeking disability when they do not merit the status of disabled is not uncommon and shows just how despicable some people can be. It also gives a mention to how many people have health problems as a result of their lifestyles and turn to health professionals to fix them when they really just need to stop engaging in unhealthy behaviors. Beyond all this, the video is really funny.

Pharmaceutical Rep In Psychiatrist’s Office

This video may again focus on a psychiatrist’s office but could really be a scene in the office of any medical professional. In it, the pharmaceutical rep is attempting to push the latest drug on a psychiatrist so that he will in turn push it on his patients. This is a relevant cartoon because drugs are advertised everywhere nowadays to everyone. Even if you are not sure that you have a particular condition you are encouraged to ask your doctor about the latest drugs. This disturbing trend shows a pharmaceutical industry that is more interested in selling products than helping people. It’s told in a humorous way though.

Doctor Decline: Hold Tight

This video talks about a number of health issues. Among them are the fact that insurance companies keep raising rates and how drug companies overcharge for medications that many people desperately need. It also talks about the problematic system that has long been in place that assumes that individuals get their health insurance from their employers. This video makes a joke out of certain corporations making ridiculous amounts of money off of people who have nowhere else to turn. It is an attempt at a playful way of pointing out some very serious issues.

Medical Malpractice: Is Honesty The Best Policy?

This hilarious video shows a sort of worst-case scenario of what it might sound like when a doctor or surgeon is honest with patients and their families about mistakes that have been made. The truth, as shown by numerous studies, is that patients and families who are told the truth are actually less likely to pursue lawsuits even when the mistake is a serious one. This facetious account of a doctor telling the truth is a fun way to draw attention to the message that accompanies it.

Drug Rep In The Doctor’s Office

This video again lampoons drug reps and the companies that they represent. The rep here is teaching the doctor about a fabricated and absurd new health condition for which her company just happens to have the perfect medication. This just shows pharmaceutical companies coming up with medications for health problems that people didn’t even know they had. This over-the-top presentation isn’t as far off as you might think.

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  1. To make people aware about public health, it is good to create YouTube cartoons because it is eye catching and easily understand through the characters.

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