Life is Precious – Take good care of your Heart

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I am a Daddy’s girl! Being the only daughter and the youngest of Six brothers I grew up being my dad’s favorite. My siblings loved me so much and I didn’t feel being envied by them. When I was still in my prep years, I remember him taking me to his office and other business functions. Our closeness continues even when I reached my high school and college. I sit on his lap when I have something to ask for, cry on his shoulder when my big brothers would tease me and yes …. I can talk to him about the matters of the heart.

When he died because of a Heart Failure, I was deeply devastated . I was so hurt that I do not have the joy of attending our college graduation. He was in coma for four days and the doctor suggested a minimally invasive heart surgery . In 1989 , the hospitals in our city do not have the equipments to do the procedure yet so they advised us to bring our father to the heart center in the National Capital Region. My brother who is a medical student that time proposed to let my Dad rest in peace considering my father’s slim chance of survival , the emotional trauma and the expenses. I do not want to let go of my Dad but his immediate family and relatives agreed with my brother. It was the turning point of my life … and realized that life is precious and must be given importance.

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  1. In my opinion, life is precious because it is short and can't be reproduced. Star's answer was the closest to what I feel to be true. Jennifer J's was also a good answer, but I chose star's for the sake of brevity. Thanks to everyone.

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