Being a Real Estate Broker

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My father is a real – estate broker and one of the top selling agent in his time. This is the reason that we have lots of real estates properties also. This gift of buying and selling properties has influenced me . Now I am into the business too. I have existing 4 house and lot units in different subdivision. Selling properties is not easy. It needs determination in looking for possible clients and the skill and wisdom to market to them . What I love about this business is that Real Estate Properties can never depreciate but the value always increase as time pass by. Return of investment maybe too long but the profit is higher too!

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  1. Hi. I just wanna ask though if your father and you are both licensed brokers or lawyers? I wanna be in this business without experience. What is being required to become a broker?

  2. They normally have meetings once a month and as a guest you can usually attend for free. If you want to get into commercial, try working at a commercial only brokerage. They are the better ones to work at unless you want to only invest in single family homes.

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