High School Graduation Gift

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My 14 year old Son will be graduating from High School 2 years from now. Guess what he asked as graduation gift? No, not the latest gadgets such as Cellphone, Tablet PC, DSLR or MP4 but a brand new latest model of motorbike. He was too excited to reveal it to us. Oh No! I guess this would be debated first. It’s not about money ( a brand new motorbike will surely cost a lot) but it’s all about safety. Good if Arizona car accident lawyers are available here in our city which can offer comprehensive services for injuries and accidents. If ever there’s a company here like that of Arizona auto accident lawyers then I guess it would be expensive. Sorry son, but I just can’t trust you with a motorcycle this time. Remember our deal? You have to wait until you reach your mid – twenties to have your dream Suzuki Motorcycle.

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  1. Yeah fully agree with you.Sports bikes are first choice of today's youth.Latest Gadgets comes at no2 position.They love ride on at ma speed.

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