Our Website Crashed Down!

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I have been blogging for almost three years now and I am proud to say that I have influenced some of my friends to join me in the blogosphere. Lately, my newbie “recruits” have been asking me regarding webhosting. They said that when they found thousands of options when they searched it online. I told them not to settle for the cheapest deal available. Customer service, plan restrictions, uptime and downtime duration, location of host service, site management tools and shopping cart option must be considered also.

I had a bad experienced with a web host provider before. When our website crashed down we could no longer contact their customer service . I had difficulties in communicating with them. My emails were ignored. So I just let go of our old website and create new one. Although the annual fee of our new website host provider is higher than my previous one, I was lucky to get promotional coupons from youlovecoupons.com which offered free 5 domains, free photo gallery creatures and with an 99.9% Uptime Guarantee .

So if you are looking for a website host provider . So choose wisely! Read reviews!

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