Out of the Country V acation or House Improvement?

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This is was my hubby’s option regarding our desire to go to Hongkong next month. A friend booked us round trip ticket for HK when the biggest airline in our country offered a P1 Pesos International Seat Sale in celebration of Nation’s Independence Day. When I summed our trip projected expenses, it will total to a considerable amount enough to extend another room in our house . It’s been a long time we wanted to have a guest room, so that we can accommodate some friends and relatives who will be visiting us for special occasions.

We have been to Singapore last July and my hubby told me one out of the country trip a year would be enough. So what would be our problem if we will cancel our trip? It’s how we will tell our friend ( gave us the ticket) that we can not go with them. If you’re in our shoes… how would you tell them?

2 thoughts on “Out of the Country V acation or House Improvement?

  1. I love to improvement of my home.In the holidays i like to improve my home.I go for tour only then when i have 3-4 days.

  2. i think your holiday is incomplete. It is important factor that you should consider in your plan. Generally, most people choose hotels to provide nice accommodation service.

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