Personalized Gifts for a Family Bussiness?

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MAGIC MUG – BLACK in cold water and with graphics in hot warm water.

I so love these personalized gifts given by a friend last January . I thought the prints could easily be removed but I have been using the mug every morning and until now the graphic is still there. My friend told me that the equipment used for this kind of business cost only $200 so I thought it would be great to make this as a family business. Christmas is coming, the mugs would be perfect for personal gift and corporate giveaways .With my friends , my hubby’s influence and social media around… marketing would be easy. What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Personalized Gifts for a Family Bussiness?

  1. Personalized grandparent gift suggestions for today’s first-time Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Poppy…or long-time grandparents! Free personalization – customize your gifts to the Grandparents in your life with their special name for Father’s or Grandfather’s Day, Mother’s or Grandmother’s Day, and Grandparents Day.

  2. Business owners don't withhold these things to be mean. Sometimes there simply isn't that much money you can just throw away. People think every business out there is absolutely rolling in money and the owners are hoarding it; in truth,

  3. Talk to him about it, tell him he needs to start setting his goals higher so you can have a nice home and possibly support your children if thats what you are thinking about doing. If you become ill he won't be able to support the family on his own. You don't need to marry him till you feel he is going to be able to support you.

  4. I am 2 and a half months preggo with our second child and have just relocated back to NY….we are staying with my mom for the time being….I am not working right now so hes the only source of income….his sister suggested that he get his niece an ipod for her bday but i think its a bit much for a young kid…

  5. Yes the male sided family tradition is in practice every where. The husbands family always takes and wife family always gives. I think it is better to keep quiet on this issue. Just let him realise about his own family and children.

  6. The mugs looking decent..these type of products are very helpful for home business or for promoting your other business…

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