What have you got last Black Friday?

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I just talked with my sister-in-law early today and narrated her struggles over getting the best deals last Black Friday. It was funny and yet frustrating. She waited for 4 hours lining-up the long cue of equally excited shoppers and when it’s time for the store to open, she was left behind among the crowd . It’s good she has her boy friend to the rescue! She ended up with only utensils and other kitchen materials on hand. She wanted to get the Playbook and x-box my son so wanted but all the gadgets on sale vanished at the shelves like a vapour. Waah… I just imagine how the rush looked like! I do not know if I could stand such chaos.

Diamonds are Forever

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No doubt women just love diamonds. From early centuries and until our modern days, these tiny shimmering splendor continues to be on the top list of women’s desires. From lower, middle to the upper class, everyone’s yearning of having diamond jewellery. For the rich, diamonds are status symbol for authentic diamonds are costly. It signifies high level of success. For a woman who receives diamond jewellery from a lover, it can signify everlasting love and affection as “diamonds are forever”. It’s my secret wish to have a diamond necklace someday. Who knows? I might win a lottery someday … How about you? Do you wish to have diamond jewelry someday?

Fair vs Famous: Of Journalism And Promotions

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People are naturally inclined to listen to the bad side of others. Itching ears are everywhere. That is why gossip magazines are very popular. It gets the reader to be on top of the situation. “Ah, she is worse than I am.” “He is no better than someone else I know, how can they be so bad?” That feeling of superiority adds somehow to the self-confidence of the reader.

Knowing that human weakness, it is the target of journalists to make the itch worsen that will surely make them scratch and scratch harder. With just the T.V. news, highlights will be said by the newscasters by asking questions to leave doubt in the hearer’s mind. Did he, really? It makes the listener wait till the news is over…just to find out it was just as hook. Try to listen from start to end, especially the gossip part.

Recently, the issue with the Big Bad Blogger has proliferated the internet and enraged many of the Philippine bloggers. It was on print. It made the Philippine blogging network angry because the news item generalized the scope. It was not even proven whether the story is true or simply created. How about the Davao judge that shot the sheriff? Media got busted by critics for falsely accusing Judge Robillo with the Inquirer’s error in its title and sub title that somehow have even reached media abroad, which has made the judge look terrible. Although Inquirer has managed to correct their mistakes, still, damage has been done. Plus, they only issued an erratum, not an apology.

Another one would be the Lopez Group on DBP Loans, where two writers from the same publication wrote about it, on the same day and using the same words, about certain loans that were said to be written off. According to Salvador Tirona, President of the Lopez Holdings, PR operatives who desperately want to muddle the current Senate investigation on the DBP scandal by diverting its focus, are behind said publicity. And weeks later, Oscar Lopez wrote The Lopez Group in Ordinary Times to explain their side. So all these three stories have a common denominator: wrong information by journalists that can somehow be said to be due to lack of research or one that is meant to stir chaos in the land.

Whatever issues, if they are thrown by media, gets sensationalized and sadly, bears with them a negative impact on whoever is caught in between. Personally, I think this kind of blunder should take a halt as it will never do anyone, or anything any good. It’s what will add up to the already chaotic environment we have. But then, you think journalists are the only ones doing this? How about false promotions to get more sales but deliver way below what is worth?

A friend booked a Cruise ship eat-all-you-can buffet at the price of P545/person. All that’s in their mind was the a once-in-a-lifetime experience of a dinner in a cruise ship. They booked online and waited for the day. Well, the ship’s advertisements was quite appealing and who would not grab this privilege ?To their dismay, not only was the cruise ship old and rusty , all of them waited a long line just to get your food. The cruise ship offered only three main course which were not enough for the people aboard the ship.

Is it safe for me to say that even big food establishments attract customers with those delicious foodstuff plastered on their menus, with big posters hanged on their walls. The posters are so appealing that customers flock to buy it only to find that what they offer is much, much smaller that what appears on your.

Let us all be fair in giving the public what is due to them. Honest, unbiased promotion or advertising that will not discredit others contribution to the well being of our society. We are in this together, media groups, journalists, writers, T.V. personalities, radio commentators and bloggers…we all do what we love for the love of our fellowmen and for the transformation of our country. Positive change is what we should offer best.

What course to take up in college?

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Deciding what to take course to take up in college is critical. It can severely affect and shape a person’s processional career after school. A college degree is our ticket or passport , a very necessary credential when applying for a job in the field of one’s expertise.

In my case, my college degree was not my choice. It was my father’s choice. I passed the academic scholarship in one of the state universities in our region and my father suggested that I should take Engineering course because I am good in math. My heart is to be a teacher just like my mother. I love to mentor students and be a part in molding their lives but I was compelled to follow my father’s desire.

Now, in the case of my son who will in 4th year high school next year. We will just guide him what to take up in college, he will be the one to decide at the end. He wanted to take up medicine but was discouraged by my brother who is a physicians for countless of reasons. His second option is to be a lawyer. Well.. it’s not a bad choice. Let’s see the final verdict after graduation.