What course to take up in college?

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Deciding what to take course to take up in college is critical. It can severely affect and shape a person’s processional career after school. A college degree is our ticket or passport , a very necessary credential when applying for a job in the field of one’s expertise.

In my case, my college degree was not my choice. It was my father’s choice. I passed the academic scholarship in one of the state universities in our region and my father suggested that I should take Engineering course because I am good in math. My heart is to be a teacher just like my mother. I love to mentor students and be a part in molding their lives but I was compelled to follow my father’s desire.

Now, in the case of my son who will in 4th year high school next year. We will just guide him what to take up in college, he will be the one to decide at the end. He wanted to take up medicine but was discouraged by my brother who is a physicians for countless of reasons. His second option is to be a lawyer. Well.. it’s not a bad choice. Let’s see the final verdict after graduation.