Amazing Grades !

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Two weeks ago was our church’s youth camp . It was timely with my son’s periodical exams. As the mom, I was a little bit worried on his examination result specially that he was not able to study well due to the nightly practices. The Spectrum band of which he heads was assigned to lead the praise and worship of the camp thus he was compelled to undergo the three-day fasting. He had to take the exam with an empty stomach and an aching head.

I was bothered because my son is only 15 years old and it was his first time to fast ( and 3 days at that!) . I prayed for passing grades but to my surprise he was able to perfect 5 of his subjects and among the top 5 from the rest of the subjects! WOW! Isn’t that AMAZING! Indeed if we SEEK GOD FIRST EVERYTHING SHALL BE ADDED UNTO US!

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  1. I'm a Christan and believe in God's existing.I always prey for those people who has not any support in life and they need helping hand to change world.

  2. So glad to see you over at THANKFUL THURSDAY today and what a blessing to hear of your sons good grades! Sounds like God honored and blessed him for His committment and obedience to fasting. ((blessings))

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