African Mango – an amazing fruit

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Our country ( Philippines) is known for its mango fruit production. The Manila Super Mango makes our country competitive in the world market. According to the Department of Agriculture, our Mango Industry supports some 2.5 million farmers . Mango is known for its usefulness as all stages of its fruit development is suitable for processing. The unripe fruits can be processed into sweet or chilli hot pickles while the ripe ones can be prepared as concentrate and puree, slices in syrup or in brine, mango juice, , jam, pulp fruit bar, mango wafer , mango powder ,mango tart and lots of mango flavouring foodsDo you know what’s the latest ? An extremely rare variety of mango found in found in parts of the country of Cameroon in Africa produced hype in the United States and other countries. It has has been discovered to suppress hunger,lower cholesterol , increase metabolism and a good agent for weight loss. Even the famous Oprah Winfrey Show featured guest Dr. Mehmet Oz backing the validity of  Mango as super potent multivitamin that has lots of benefits for both men and women.

I goggled African Mango and found that truly it’s an amazing fruit.

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