6 thoughts on “Then sings my soul Saturday

  1. Hello Grace,

    How are you doing ? Are you still joining the caravan sometimes ? I didn't for a while.

    Anyway your gospel song is awesome. I just read in a nother blog a story about funeral and how the death of a beloved can also turn into a GOD gift. You song just remind me of those words and indeed God is our refuge and our savior and so he is for those who leave this earth to join him.

    May THE LORD bless you and this soul SONG saturday

  2. Never heard this song before. As I was listening to it I thought that it sounded like Kim Hill and I wonder if she sings with Selah regularly or if it is a one time event for this song.

    Thanks for posting it!

  3. I have never heard this song before. Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to home where there is no more pain and illness! Amen!

  4. I agree totally with the sentiments of this song. I'll be home with GOD when I die, so it don't matter where my flesh lays. PRAISE HIM! Amen!

  5. The Song is new to me.I usually avoid to hear new songs but when i heard i am thinking to change my thinking..the song is nice.it will grab the attention if it goes in ear of anyone..

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