Are you out of budget this Christmas?

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It is a reality that the Christmas gift buying can become a major financial burden for many people due to today’s economy. With the high cost of commodities, it is very difficult to spend with-in our budget specially for those for individuals who have large families or have many group membership that they normally exchange gifts with. Take for example our family. As early as November I already listed down the names of those I will be giving gifts, from my immediately family to my in-laws and my siblings family. There’s my friends in the blogosphere, neighbors and church mates. How could I escaped from my godchildren? The social networks like face book and tweeter which have been an easy avenue to remind me with their gifts. I know, the simple wall greetings of “Advance Merry Christmas” are synonymous with “ Don’t forget my gift…” Aside from gift giving, there’s the various parties, functions and reunions. My list doubled as my children begged to give gifts to their teachers ( totaled to 14 teachers), their the bus driver, the canteen cashier and the school guard. I know, I am not obligated to give them gifts but their kindness and concern for my kids worth a lot compared to a box of cake or a gallon of ice cream. I know I am over with my budget but no worries there’s an instant cash advance from our cooperative. I still can splurge with my Christmas Shopping.

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