The bleak dawn of December 17 : Cagayan de Oro Flash Flood

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I don’t know how to start this post…

I can not dare to explain in detail what transpired on that bleak dawn of December 17 because it still breaks my heart. Yesterday, with my hubby and some friends, we went to our house . I can not help but CRY… not because of the damaged things but mainly because of sparing our lives. We were sleeping at our mom’s house with the tragedy struck. The original plan was I and my daughter will stay home while my hubby and my son will take car of my mom who’s not feeling well that day. I just don’t know why suddenly at 9pm I decided that we should go with them. God truly is sovereign…He know it coming…so spared us from the disaster.

Oh my… I am crying again…better stop now.

Our dining room . Our Christmas tree is still standing…
a sign that we should still be merry and happy inspite of the tragey?

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