A frightening Reality on Marriage

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Divorce rates have been high increasing since the time it was legalized. In the old days, it would entail a spouse to present lots of evidence showing their partner to be at fault during marriage …. then and only then would the divorce be allowed. But sad to say the system has changed now and divorce can effortlessly be filed without proof of mistake from the other party.
What’s even more frightening today is that many couples demand a divorce based on “insignificant” if not “trivial” reasons. Some this reasons are :

1. Nagging -Spouses who nag will sooner or later drive their partners to the end of their ropes, a factor that will predictably lead to divorce.

2. Long-distance relationships – couples who spend too much time apart from each other are bound to drift off with their closeness and romance, and most of the times their faithfulness with each other .

3. Money matters – this is one thing that take couples into fighting. There should always be transparency when it comes to finances and purchases. For wealthy couples getting a prenuptial agerement lawyer is a must. For those in the middle class “ Spend within your means “.

4. Spilling the beans –trust is broken when a spouse starts telling relatives and close friends, about matter kept us secrets between the two of you.

5 . Unattractiveness – the greatest mistake wives make. If you looked dazzling while you were still single, stay that way after marriage. Always give your husband a reason to stick with you and you alone!

6. Sex life – sex keeps the fire burning and the passion alive. A boring sex life will finally lead spouses committing extramarital affairs and later a divorce.

Above all, put God as the center of your relationship. A three-stranded cord is stronger . Make God as a the third party. Like a triangle, the closer you are to God, to closer you become to each other.

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