I am giving up blogging…

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Sometimes the thought of giving up my online job comes to my mind. Specially when I am busy with my regular job and my work at home. To be honest, I feel guilty of no longer doing the things I used too as a mother and a wife. Saturday supposed to be my bonding time with my daughter… but oftentimes, I am contented to just let her watch cartoons on TV while I am busy updating my blogs. Midnight coffee klutz with hubby are now replaced with beating deadlines online. Good that sometimes he does the writing… so that it will be an alternative way to enjoy each other’s company. Like tonight, I should have been asleep .. but here I am glued in front of my PC doing my job.

I am guilty the most of not fulfilling my obligation as a Christian. My devotional and quite time with the Lord are no longer regular. Oh , I miss my Diary for God… ( where’s my notebook by the way?) , I miss writing daily notes to Jesus . I missed my long prayers… I missed singing out loud for God. Please forgive me….

I was praying for financial blessing 3 years ago to augment our resources… and you gave me my blogs. Maybe if there will be other source of income, I might give –up blogging… I just have to manage and prioritize my time. From this day forward, I will major the major things and minor the minor things… help me God!

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