Mom’s Memorial Stone

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My mom died three years ago and it was one of the lowest and saddest parts of my life. She was my mom and best friend. Her life was a picture of a loving mom who unselfishly cared for us in spite of the many hardships we faced during our younger days. With a family of five boys and a girl, my mom kept her cool in times that we underwent financial crisis. She loved us unconditionally and even all her grandchildren can attest to her loving care. Her death was a great loss for all of us. But her legacy would surely be remembered and felt by all her children and grandchildren.

Last November 1, we visited her grave site and put some flowers on it. I was a bit silent at that time remembering the times we shared together, the intimate talks we had, the shopping together and the joyful moments we were together with the family. I have this in mind to make a special token for mama just like those Memorial Stone . I just want to refresh our memories with her and give her due honor and love even if she’s not with us anymore. Our mother will always be our loving, caring, unselfish, thoughtful, and our best friend and she deserve nothing but the best even in our memories.

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