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The shocking calamity that hit my city recently has claimed many lives and properties. The images that the typhoon left us were horrible. I’ve seen houses, big and small, overturned by Typhoon Sendong. I’m just thankful to God that my family was spared although I can’t help but grieve to see my properties destroyed. None of us expected this to happen. Really, no one knows what tomorrow may bring. Our lives are in the hands of God. We can only do so much to secure ourselves, our property, and our future. With the damage that the typhoon has brought my city, and as we move towards rebuilding our homes, I’m thinking of the benefits of having secure storage like the London self storage for some important stuff. I know it’s not yet in our culture to rent a Storage London to secure important personal items but I’m sure it would soon be a need for us, too, just like the London storage has been using.

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