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Me and my hubby loves to travel… and when that happens expect the children tagging along with us. Travelling as a family is a way of bonding together. It’s fun going to different places, getting to know their dialects, traditions and eating their hometown delicacies. Last 2010, we went to various places in our country – Metro Manila, Tagaytay, Laguna , Cavite, Cebu City and Bohol. Then last year, we spent our summer vacation touring Davao City ( the biggest city in the whole world) and Cebu City during the school semester break. Yes! It’s fun bringing along the kids but it is also a dilemma . Last July , me and my hubby went to Singapore . We were not able to bring the kids because the promo dates were school days. My son who is an academic scholar ( he’s in 3rd year in High School) can not afford to miss 5 days in school.

Day dreaming is usual to me. I imagine going to countries in the United States visiting each state driving my own car. How I love to see my favorite states – Seattle, Washington, Chicago and New York. I guess I need roadloans to defray the cost of the my driving – spree. Speaking of loans reminds me of a Santander Consumer company which offers car loans. If only Santander Consumer Company is available in our country, I would be their no. 1 customer.

Back to my day-dreaming. Sometimes I imagined me and my hubby walking through Notting Hill of London, climbing –up the Eifel Tower in Paris and sun-bathing at the beaches of Hawaii. My ultimate desire? Is to bring the whole family for a Holy Trip to Israel. Tracing the footstep of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be a once in a life time experience for me.

It cost us nothing to dream! God knows the desires of our hearts. I know, in His time… I can go places. How about you? What’s your ultimate travel destination?

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