God healed me!

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I am not a sickly person. As far I can remember, I was hospitalized only once during my younger years and that was due to Amoebas. When I got married, the only time I was in a hospital bed was during giving birth to my two kids. This is one thing that I greatly thank God.

But last week I was hospitalized due to Dengue fever. A week prior to that I had on and off fever. I thought it was only due to my sinusitis , so I went to an EENT Doctor and have my nose and ear check. I was prescribed anti-biotic and nasal decongestant. A week on this medication did not cure my fever, so my hubby decided to send me to the hospital for admission. It was then that we found out that my platelet counts dropped to 45k. It was very alarming since normal counts should be between 150k – 300k. To be honest, I was very scared when it dropped to 36K . We were informed to prepare for blood transfusion and I was monitored for possible internal hemorrhage.

I was really scared but thank God for my hubby , mother-in-law, my siblings, my pastors , close friends and who encouraged me with their prayers and the promises of God. After two days my platelet count increased to 39k and 72k on the 3rd day. After a week, I was discharged from the hospital with a normal platelets. I greatly thank God for the healing and for the people who greatly helped me with my recovery.

As I am writing this post, I am here in a friend’s place away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Their mansion is situated in the mountain part of the city where I can commune with God and nature. I can see some horses and breeches from afar and it truly helped me recuperate from my sickness.

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