How to monetize your blog?

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The first time I heard about blogging was during the funeral of my mom. My blogger nephews saw the book my mother authored . It was a compilation of various articles – her childhood, the love of her life ( my dad) , married life, her travels, children and grandchildren . They thought I could be a good blogger as my mom has been a good writer. Fresh from the pain of losing someone I loved so much… I thought of trying the blogosphere to relive the memories of my mom and to express my sorrow.

I thought blogging was just a form of therapy but then I realized it is such a lucrative source of income. For three years now I have been earning considerable amount through my blogs sites. In fact, my blog earnings are even higher than the salary I am receiving now. How to Make Money through blogging? Lots of people have been asking me this question. So let me share some of my ways in earning from my blog :

1. PAID POST – I write articles and publish them on my sites from various paying sites ( This needs further discussion, so I better make a separate post how to register and qualify from paying sites)
2. PROMOTE AFFILIATES – Promote products in your website through banners or simply putting a link in your homepage sidebar
3. GUEST BLOGGING – Filling in for fellow bloggers as a guest writer for a nominal fee or for future reciprocation.
4. GOOGLE ADSENSE – you get paid every time your reader opened the ads by Google

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