I need a Memory Foam Matress

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I never had a good sleep after Typhoon Sendong hit our place.

Our office has been designated as center for Kagay-an Evangelical Disaster Response Network (KEDRN), an organization of Evangelical Churches which was created to traffic relief goods from different NGO’s. On that bleak day of December 17, 2011, we responded immediately to the needs of thousands of flood victims by distributing mats, blankets, food and water through the sponsorship of Operation Blessings. More relief goods followed that week from PhilRads, CBN-Asia, PCEC, Evangelical Churches and other sources. Thinking of those people sleeping on the sidewalks, dark alleys and even under the bridge motivated us to extend our time until late evening just to finish our task.

Just last Monday, a container van arrived aboard the Philippine Naval ship for KEDRN’s disposal. As much as I wanted to report to the office and assist with the paper works, I cannot do so because I’m down with flu. My body yielded to too much stress. I still cannot sleep well in our temporary shelter here in my mom’s place (as we are victims of Typhoon Sendong too). We are crowded in one room with our two grown-up kids. I wondered if there are hotels here in our place with memory foam mattress. I learned from our family doctor that people who have slept on memory foam mattresses sleep soundly better than those who use the regular bed. It is suitable for any sleeping position because it is designed to provide comfort as the material is designed to mould and cradle every part of your body evenly. I guess I have to go now and let my hubby look for a hotel with such mattresses. I would surely love to stay for a day or two just to have my well deserved rest.

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