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The Blogosphere ( world of blogging ) has remarkably grown and is now drawing more attention to people of all ages. I thought starting a blog is very difficult. That blogging is only for those who are professional writers and those who are good in writing . Though some blogger friends, I realized ordinary people like me can blog.

My first blog focused on my Daily Walk of Like that is why I titled it from my favorite movie “ A WALK TO REMEMBER”. Then comes “AMAZING GRACE” ( this site) which was created after my mom died. Blogging has been my therapy in moving on with the sorrow and grief of losing my mom . It was my avenue to express my thoughts about life, love and family.

Now after 3 years , I have a total of 8 blog sites with the following niches – travel , beauty and fashion blog, home and real estate, health , parenting , food and personal. Now, I am planning to add to more sites to make it 10. I am choosing between photography, finance, technology and art.

If asked what I gained about blogging? My answer would be endless. It’s my hobby… my lifestyle. It’s my teacher since learned a lot of insights through it . I gained lots of friends not only virtual friends from real friends through local blogger community groups. I couldn’t imagine my life without blogging.

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