Safe WordPress Templates

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If you wish to have  a safe wordpress themes,  install it from your dashboard. This is what  my web hosting provider suggested last week. Most of the themes  from free sites have  invisible codes  which are prone to hacking , not SEo friendly and  can consume  bigger space. Yes is true that their designs are  nice and trendy but   they are just bait. I experienced it last year when my  health blog was hacked. My  web host provider fixed it  by changing the theme.

WordPress has a lot of new themes which are simple yet elegant like the theme on this blog.  So why upload from free sites when  you can have  lots of safe themes to choose from your dashboard?

Fear of driving vehicles

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Accidents happen in a blink of an eye that is why I am really scared to try driving our SUV outside our subdivision. The first time I tried driving a car Ten years ago, I almost hit a boy crossing the street. He was playing with other kids and was hiding at a parked truck. He suddenly crossed the road and I nearly hit him. Whew! What a scare experience. I was traumatized then and vowed never to try driving. The truth is even if it’s the fault of the victim, the driver will always be the one to blame. Good if the vehicle has a comprehensive insurance that includes third party liability  claiming an insurance would be as easy as the  accident claim Hartlepool .