Silver coins as an investment

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When my mother-in-law went to California, USA 10 years ago, she bought
morgan silver dollars as a token of her short stay in the USA. She wanted to invest in gold coins but it’s a bit expensive so she chose to buy silver coins instead. As of now, these coins are among her precious collections. One time, we brought the coins to the pawnshop know it’s appraisal value. Indeed, we realized that it’s market price is appreciating and not depreciating.

How I wish I could have two silver coins that I could pass on to my two kids when I will be getting old.

New Static IP

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I can not wait to have my new static or dedicated IP. I  have been waiting for it for 3 weeks already. I thought I could have it this week but was surprised I was not on the list. It make me sad…. huhuhuhuhu…

Expectations not met could be discouraging but   patience is a virtue. My Static IP provider must have been so busy or the list posted on FB was not yet updated. I hope when I will open my account today, my blog sites will be there. Crossing fingers….

P400 Thousand Pesos as Sales Commission?

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The offer is quite tempting, 10% commission of the total sales, no need to report for work but just look for prospect clients and they will be the one to conduct product demonstration.

This was the offer of my friend who is the Area Manager for Mindanao of an electrical manufacturing company. They are supplying led lights and other electric materials at factory price . As a civil engineer by profession, the task is easy since I am a member of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers. I knew most of the Engineers handling construction projects. I talked to my friend and she encouraged me to accept the part time job . Lately she was able to close a deal worth 4 Million Pesos at Pilipinas Kao… so that means she will be receiving 400 Thousand Pesos? Wow! Anyway, I have to discuss the matter first to my hubby and to my superior at work.

Go Daddy Domains as low as $1

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Why do most bloggers love  Go Daddy ad their domain provider ? It’s mainly because of their Domain Promo Codes where one can avail of .com, .net or .me domains at a very low price. As for me, I have 6 blog domains purchased  through     godaddy promo code . All of them where purchased at $1 each.  Renewal would never be a problem too because of their renewal godaddy coupon .

What more? Bloggers can make money promoting Go Daddy on their Site. They can choose from a variety of banner and text ads to publish
on their  Web site and earn 30% commission.

Different Benefits of Employed Drivers

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The economy can change like the flow of air that blows in the same manner that Disney’s Mary Poppins had appeared and gone. Many people don’t automatically think of truck driving as something beneficial. In fact, there are a vast number of good things to keep in mind if we ponder it more carefully.

There’s a Chance to Travel

Although many people have opportunities to embark on new land and seas each vacation, this isn’t true for everyone. For new and professional truck drivers who lack travel experience, driving can give them a chance to explore new territories on a regular basis. Like everything else, this depends on any job location requirements. For local drivers, sightseeing and “going the distance” is more contingent upon the existence of national opportunities.

Fierce independence isn’t Necessarily Bad

For some of us, the possibility of retirement is a reality. This doesn’t mean that we should worry or have a doom-and-gloom attitude. Many people find that their bodies change as they age, (and thus have to leave the typical corporate setting) but driving by themselves can seem to be more soothing.

Drivers typically begin working with a trainer, since trucks are massive vehicles. When drivers become experienced, they may claim independence.

Earn a Decent Income

For some people it can seem time-consuming and difficult in general to obtain a post-secondary degree. Granted, truck drivers have to take an examination to earn a license, but good money usually begins leaving us with heftier wallets. Driving can indeed be a challenge, but many enjoy the added income.  While driving can be an enjoyable experience, it is important to acknowledge the risk associated with a truck-driving career. The highways can be a dangerous place, and having a San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer on your side can give you peace of mind when hitting the road.

Go ahead and Get your Desired Vehicle

There are different benefits of employed drivers, but one of the standard perks for full-timers are being able to purchase that new vehicle they’ve had their eyes on. Naturally, there are many truckers who live alone but they need a way to transport back and forth to the truck stop. Their livelihood depends on it. Many of us would appreciate the chance to purchase a new car or truck.

Growing Old Still Requires Interaction

Although many of us are seeking independence, we still like to grab a bite to eat with others. Having the freedom to drive alone defines what independence is all about. While having some time for friends, they may even give you the chance to meet a San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer.

People have various reasons that lead them to becoming truck drivers, but most of them typically remain for the long haul. Forgive the expression. Truck driving as an occupation is said to have lower turnover because the benefits outweigh other things.