Determined to finish the race with flying colors

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“When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.”

This is what my son quoted to me early this morning when  I stopped him from going to school .  He was just out from the hospital last Friday  due to  a minor fracture on his nose and hands. He was hit by a big motorbike  last Tuesday while going home.  Although still   struggling with arm movement , he went to school today with arm cement-casted.  He’s needed in school  for their class presentation. He was the one  who  made the script and the director of their drama/skit and that there’s no one else can  do the task.  Aside from that it’s their school finals and he has to get the details of the   essay        topic that was assigned to him.

While other student would be happy to be exempted from going to school due to sickness, my son  felt the opposite.   I can understand him since he has a grade to maintain as   full academic scholar and he’s aiming high to be among the top 5 during the recognition ceremony next week. Anyway, with his essay he has the internet for the reference like the . The site provides quality research paper help, term papers, homework help and custom essays that are guaranteed to meet every student’s needs. With my son could relax and concentrate more on his Science Investigative Project which need more focus. You can do it Jay,  just don’t forget to pray and ask fro God’s wisdom and knowledge.