P400 Thousand Pesos as Sales Commission?

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The offer is quite tempting, 10% commission of the total sales, no need to report for work but just look for prospect clients and they will be the one to conduct product demonstration.

This was the offer of my friend who is the Area Manager for Mindanao of an electrical manufacturing company. They are supplying led lights and other electric materials at factory price . As a civil engineer by profession, the task is easy since I am a member of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers. I knew most of the Engineers handling construction projects. I talked to my friend and she encouraged me to accept the part time job . Lately she was able to close a deal worth 4 Million Pesos at Pilipinas Kao… so that means she will be receiving 400 Thousand Pesos? Wow! Anyway, I have to discuss the matter first to my hubby and to my superior at work.

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