Three Things You Should Know About Online Faxing

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A good business owner weighs the advantages and disadvantages of any new technology before implementing it. You may look out at the company fax machine, and not realize the opportunities that online faxing can offer, when compared to the way you do things now.

Before you dismiss online faxing as a viable business option, there are some things you should know about the technology that will change your mind. Once you understand the advantages that Metrofax online fax services will give your company, you will see why it is the right technology to use for your organization.

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You Are Wasting Money

If you are still using a standard fax machine, then you are wasting money in ways you never could have imagined. The most obvious wastes of money are: the monthly cost of the phone line for the machine, the cost of paper and ink, and the electricity that the machine uses. But there is also the loss in productivity that can add up over time.

To use a fax machine, your staff members have to first wait for the machine to become available. Then, leave their desks to use the machine, wait for the machine to finish sending or receiving a fax before they can use it, wait for their fax to transmit, and then wait for a confirmation report.

With online faxing, all of this is done instantly from each staff member’s desktop. You no longer need the ongoing expense of a fax machine, and you can eliminate lost productivity by, significantly reducing the time it takes to use a fax machine.

Standard Faxing Is Not Mobile

How many times have you had to track down a staff member who was on the road, just to force them to find someplace to accept a fax? Online fax allows you and your staff, to send and receive faxes instantly through any mobile computing device. Your field workers have the information they need, and it is all done in a professional manner.

Electronic Filing Is Easier Than Standard Filing

When you file away faxes sent and received through standard fax, you start to develop a system that can take up several file cabinets and get out of control. With online fax, all of your filing is done in electronic files that can be easily stored on a hard drive, backed up for safety and printed whenever you need a hard copy.

Standard fax is still used all over the world as a way that businesses transmit data. But when you mix fax with the advances made in online technology, you are using a tool that will help your business to succeed and grow.



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