Significance of Customer Satisfaction

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Customers nowadays demand high-quality goods and services. It has been the role of consumer research to identify how consumers think and thereby consider their opinions and ideas in their decision making process. This is vital in assessing one’s product as to its marketability and popularity.

Last month, I attended a product presentation of a local fast food chain. After the food taste, we were told to review each food item from the main course to the dessert . We were given the privilege to price them too! The taste was indeed very good and I am very much satisfied. Whenever I am satisfied with the food I have tasted, I always crave for more.

The voice of the customer is indeed very significant. A satisfied customer will guarantee any business owners that their product will be known through the word of the mouth. Come to think of it, word of the mouth marketing is better than the billboards and radio or TV commercial and much cheaper or no cost at all. That is why most establishment initiated a customer satisfaction survey to gauge their performance among the customers.

Customer satisfaction survey can be done after a series of sampling. Others do it through series of marketing propaganda. The best quality of any products can be achieved after assessing the results of the customer satisfaction survey. There are various ways in conducting customer satisfaction survey but it would be much better if this task will be given to those who are more expert on this field. With their expertise, one can be assured of an accurate result. There are effective ways in gauging the customer’s satisfaction and it depends on the kind of product. Just like what I have shared earlier about the food tasting of a local fast food chain, I can really say that their methodology in presenting their product is highly effective. I could say effective because I am very much satisfied with the taste and I could relay it to all my friends family. With higher competition that is felt by any businessman, the significance of customer satisfaction survey should be emphasized.

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