Youth Boot Camp!!

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Summer would never be this fun as the BHCCCI will have its Boot Camp at the Kaamulan Ground on May 14- 18, 2012. The youth in our church are very excited, so do I and my family. The said camp aims to train the young people and equipped them with the right discipline and attitude toward others. There are lots of things to prepare ahead. As for myself, I need to prepare my message for the youth. I also have to draft the rules and regulations that the participants should be aware of during the camp. The Logistic, physical arrangement will be at the site 2 days before for the clean-up . Actually, I already got some ideas from reel mower reviews on how to get rid of those bushes and tall grasses.

Whew! It’s going to be a long and rigid preparation but I know all the effort will be paid off for His greater glory. Kaamulan Ground, here we come!

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