Amazing benefit of jogging exercise

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After my Lipid Profile shown a high level of Triglycerides last February , I have decided to jog once a day ( either early in the morning or late in the afternoon). For the first two months, I was diligent with my routine … then came the hectic month of May which put me to sleep late at nights .
Jogging sometimes is boring especially if you are doing it alone and on a regular basis. So I decided to spice up my regimen by listening to with my son’s MP3 player. To be honest, I am not an MP3 lover . I don’t feel comfortable with headphones but when I tried it the other day while doing my rounds, I was able to double my regular distance. I enjoyed the beat so much that I completed more than 2 km without feeling so tired. I guess its time for me to have my own MP3.

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