Amazing Finding : My Early Menopausal

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Most people associates menopausal with older women , but it can occur in younger women as well. This is what I’ve learned yesterday when I visited my Internist, Dr. Ruby  Alcantara at Capitol University Medical City . My first consultation was last February when I felt abnormal heartbeat and night sweats a week after I was admitted due to hemorrhagic Dengue Fever. She suspected that there’s something wrong with my Thyroid, so in undergone another test. Thank God it was negative.

Yesterday, I went to see Dr. Alcantara again. I purposely went to her clinic without my husband so that I can pour out everything  I felt physically and emotionally. I told her about my panic attacks every time I had palpitations , my cold feet at nights, unexplained bloating and inflammation in my joints. I added I have inexplicable feeling of despair in moments I remember Typhoon Sendong . I poured out my heart and was able to shed some tears.

Right then and there she told me I am undergoing premature menopausal. What? But I am only 44? She explained that my menopausal was accelerated because of hormonal imbalance brought by my hysterectomy ( removal of uterus) 12 years ago . She instructed me to see a Psychiatrist to understand more the mystery of menopausal. Hmmm… is this really necessary? What do you think?

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  1. I just turned 37 and I am actually anticipating when it’s going to be my menopause. I’ve heard of horrible stories about it so I decided that I should start clean and healthy living to combat the “changes”

    I have heard of early menopausal too and I do think that you need a behavioral doctor, that’s what i call them, to at least explain to you the changes in moods etc. But I don’t know that much 🙂

  2. sis, why not try going to psychiatrist? Dito lang naman sa Philippines parang taboo pag sinabing psychiatrist. for me, para na rin madiagnose and maresetahan ka ng gamot.

  3. If that’s what your doctor’s advice then I guess you should go. Give it a try and if you feel you don’t need it after the first meeting then maybe you can find somebody you can talk to to ease some emotional pains.

  4. oh…i haven’t heard of early menopause, there such a thing pala
    i am in favor that you see a therapist/psychiatrist to understand this stage you are going through, since you are young, loss of fertility maybe painful or maybe there are other effects of reaching early menopause
    just give it a try

  5. Hi there, I know I am not in the position to answer because I am a man.
    I don’t have idea when it comes to menopausal period. What I really know is that your monthly period will stopped at certain age because you already don’t have eggs cells that will mature and will cause your menstruation.
    You might really go to experts so that you will be enlighten more about your situation.

  6. seeing a psychiatrist is of great help and if you’re worried about the reactions of other people that once you seek help from a psychiatrist you already have a mental problem, it is definitely not true.

  7. Maybe you can give a trial session with the psychiatrist. If it helps, you’ll be the one to benefit. If not, well, at least you tried and you can explore other alternatives in dealing with this phase.

  8. I don’t know much about menopause but I do have experience in mood problems. I suggest getting help asap. Don’t think its embarrassing to go to a psychiatrist because its not. Mood problems are just as bad as other conditions.

    Depression might be a little too big a word to throw at you (or about your condition) but I feel this quote will help you understand any type of mood problem.

    Good luck! 🙂

  9. I suggest you heed your doctor’s advice sis. What you have gone through was not easy. Maybe the psychiatrist can help ease some of your anxiety.

  10. Don’t go to a psychiatrist just yet. Assess kung kaya mo naman. My mom went through this too and she handled it by staying fit through exercise and eating healthy.

    Kapag psychiatrist kasi, many of them are quick to dispense meds. I should know.

    Anyway, if you must, sa counselor ka na lang pumunta, or psychologist. Pero mahal e. Last I checked 2k per hour.

  11. How do you feel about it? I mean if the early menopausal was because of the operation you did 12 years ago, then let it be. All of us woman will go in that situation anyway. Just so happen na nauna ka lang. Hope you feel ok about it though.

  12. too young to be in a menopausal stage 🙁 I’m not sure about the psychiatrist thing, but I think it would help to take some hormonal pills, which according to my ob-gyne could help in balancing the hormones during this stage.

  13. Wow really early indeed. But why psychiatrist? Perhaps, it is to process all the emotional toll that the physical changes are going to bring. My mom is also menopausal and it’s driving us insane sometimes. 🙂 It can be very difficult…

  14. Menopause? Though Dads don’t suffer this at least it is right to know and understand about it so that when it comes to wives, Dads should understand. Good thing that I read a lot. Couples should face it together not just the moms.

  15. I feel for you. I almost had a hysterectomy last year (I’m 37). Luckily it was incised by the second Oncologist where we sought a second opinion. The previous doctor even thought I had cervical cancer and she was already preparing me for radiotherapy!

    Why don’t you seek for a second opinion. I can refer you my doctor who has clinics in Lourdes Hospital and Cardinal Santos. If you are interested, you may email me at inlovewithsunflower at yahoo dot com.

    God bless!

  16. you have been informed and it’s a natural occurence with women. if you wish to save a lot of money, you can let go visiting psych…you can read or talk to women who undergo such =)

  17. you should just go and see the Psychiatrist or just breathe in breathe out…

    my mom didn’t have much symptoms of menopausal maybe because she naturally moody (like me)…

  18. I know someone who had hysterectomy before she turned 50 and just like you, she also had health issues that’s why her doctor gave her estrogen hormone patches. Although it was not really a healthy choice because of the cancer risk but it helped her ease the health issues. She stopped after a year or two. I hope you can get over this soon.

  19. I remembered very well how my mom was when she had her menopausal period. It was CRAYZEE at home, we couldn’t go near her she was so different crying all time she was soooo depressed beccause we can’t understand her. But really we just felt helpless. I think the more you know about the situation the better you can understand and I suggest you get your family involved because you will need a lot of support from them.

    I wish you well.

  20. You’re asking our opinion if it is necessary to see a psychiatrist. You know pretty well your condition. You’ve got hormonal imbalance. Thus, you’ve a pre-matured menopausal. Your doctor knows best than us as your readers. Which are you going to listen? us or the medical authority?

  21. Maybe you don’t need a psychiatrist but you definitely need some diversion or something that will help you ease your mind. You’re in my thoughts.

  22. oh my.. I still can’t absorb the idea when it’s going to be my menopause. Chill lang po.. Enjoy a hobby or sumthing that excites you and makes you happy. 😉

  23. Early menopause is quite common in women who have hysterectomies. If you need help dealing with the emotional aspects, heed your doctors advice.

  24. Omg, thyroid problems are so prevalent among modern women now. I hope you find a psychiatrist who can help you resolve your problem. Ok lang naman mag-hold ng check-ups with a psychiatrist if that’s what’s gonna help you.

  25. Go see a Psychiatrist. I would if it’d help with the process of transitioning into that early menopausal phase.
    I’m looking forward to this stage. After all, women go through this, just at different ages.

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