: An Introduction to the Environment-Friendly Drilling Program

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Although many may ponder the idea of alternative extraction methods for fuel attainment, there are not any. The fact is, companies still need to depend on the underground sources to provide energy for automobiles and other machines. The good news is that companies can seek various “green environment” methods to obtain the resources that they need.

What Is Reduced Footprint Drilling?


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Industries still need some handiwork to acquire alternative fuels like shale gas or ethanol. Even so, environment-friendly drilling programs do exist. This means that heavy-duty equipment is made smaller so that fewer workers are necessary. Less workers equal less drilling. In many cases, the equipment is much lighter that it can be hoisted on a platform in areas with a deep incline. Many landscapers will not even recognize that any work had been done.

What Does Reduced Emission Mean?

Essentially, fumes and toxic environmental airborne substances are greatly lessened because the number of drills and additional equipment are more limited. Reduced emission also entails the notion that other possible hazards such as radiation, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide exposure are lessened. Workers are still permitted to proceed with their jobs within oil and shale rigs, but activities are monitored more carefully.

How Does Cleanup Affect Environment-friendly Drilling Programs?

Workers handling oil and shale gas have major things to put away. Equipment used during drilling must be properly stored in a secure area. Chemicals used in the process are also placed away from the public especially if these chemicals are toxic. Workers can wear masks over their faces to prevent the inhalation of chemicals, but the general public cannot. If these chemical compounds are released into the air without careful containment and planning, they can be harmful to humans.

Oil and shale gas crews in shale areas, such as Bakken, do not just have rig drillers. There is also an extraction and clean-up crew. Drilling for energy sources is one of the most rigorous and hands-on means of employment around. It requires a great deal of preparation and common sense even before the job begins.

What Does This Mean for the Future Generations?

Most things in life do not guarantee complete safety, but they do make things relatively secure. Until automobiles become engineered for solar or wind power, it is impossible to forego using synthetic fuels. In the interim, reducing environmental impact or damage while being able to extract the necessary fuel to power cars and machinery is a good choice. After all, reducing harm is better than ignoring it.

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