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Now that I am having this pre-mature menopausal syndrome, I oftentimes I seek online advices. A lot of times when I am on Facebook, I get ideas and insights for free from my physician friends. I am a proactive , I want to get a better understanding of health and wellness but now I am confused because I received too many contradicting thoughts.

How I wish a social media for doctors will be created locally like the DOXIMITY in the USA. It’s a social medicine platform for physicians and healthcare workers and is rapidly becoming an incredibly valuable tool for improving patient care. Physicians on Doximity like Melvin Glover, MD can find and connect with colleagues, then communicate with them in various ways. Doximity is free, and has features that you would find in social networks, but with added layers of security and verification. How I wish this social medicine media  would expand here in our country. Medical consultation will then be a lot easier online.

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