Helmet Diving at Boracay ( The cheaper way )

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It was 2 years ago when I first step in Boracay My husband surprised me with a packaged holiday in time for my birthday last July 2010. After a long wait, together with my family and close friends we went to the water fun adventure capital of the Philippines again last June 3,2012. Being in a larger group ( we were 20 including 3 children) made our trip more enjoyable and a lot cheaper.

Our first day adventure was Reef walking , better known as “ Helmet Diving”. It is one of the most most popular water activities in Boracay. It allows you to walk on the reef and view the amazing creature 20 ft below sea level. My first Helmet Diving experience was a little bit scary. Although I know how to swim but the thought of signing a waiver ( which I didn’t care reading ) and to be submerged down below sent some anxious feeling. Our rate 2 years ago was P500 but I was surprised that we were able to get the activity at half the price. It was only then I realized that the cheaper helmet diving uses an air compressor instead of pure oxygen. Oh no! I was beginning to be afraid but I just suppressed my feeling knowing that some my friends started to be troubled with the orientation and hand-signal instruction. I went out to check the air compressor parts and secretly talked with our guide. He assured me that it is safe to go down the seabed using the machine. That they double checked everything including the compressor oil and the hose that connected to the helmet. As I went back, the first batch of our group was finished . I was relieved seeing them l smiling as they shared their experiences with Nemo, Dowry and other sea creatures.

Here are some tips when doing Helmet Diving :

1. Listen carefully to the hand signals for safety purposes/
2. Do not eat too much before doing this activity. Because of the pressure, you will feel your food will flow back to your mouth.
3. Descend to the rope stairs slowly but surely.
4. Bring with you a rough gloves ( like the one used in gardening) so that you can easily catch the fish.
5. While down below, do not forget to smile as the divers will take pictures and video. Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

Our helmet diving pictures :

29 thoughts on “Helmet Diving at Boracay ( The cheaper way )

  1. Hay Boracay! We went there last November 2010. I didn’t enjoy our 3 days-2nights stay. Why? I was on my 2mos preggy and all the activities are a no/no for me. Booo! Plus I will feel sleepy by 4pm. Will take a nap — pero di na magigising kasi tamad dahil buntis. Ugh! I will wake up the next day. Ending? No night life for me. Boring noh? My hubby did this with our friend who were with us. Will definitely go back. This time I’ll make sure I’m not positive LOL!

  2. Awwwww. This is awesome! I’m dying to try this. I’m so taking your tips with me once I get the chance to do this.

  3. This adventure is something I’d like to try but would require a lot of convincing, and coaxing from friends. Since I don’t know how to swim, fear of drowning is very real for me hehehe….But I love to see the fishies down below. Hayyy..

  4. I did this 3 years ago. It’s not one of those mindblowing experiences that I want do again but it got me to consider to try scuba doing.

    You’re so lucky madaming fish nung bumaba kayo 😀

    Kami halos wala.

  5. I’ve never been to Boracay! 🙁 Too costly. But looking at your photos make me drool! I love the ocean, even though I can’t swim. Kelangan ba marunong lumangoy pag nag-helmet diving? 🙂

  6. cool, I would love to try this, I’ve done scuba diving before, so I guess it should be ok for me to try this.. although i’ve never been to boracay before.. I guess that would be our next destination.. gotta start saving! =)

  7. Wow it’s just 500php? I’ve always wanted to experience this, as well as scuba diving.
    lol the last pic~ you all look like underwater robot aliens XD

  8. never been to boracay so i haven’t tried that. i once tried Discovery Diving in Batangas. i think it’s almost the same. they taught us the basics of diving and we went down with dive masters. it was a really great experience.

  9. someday soon, i will also experience this diving thing not just in boracay, my classmate is inviting me to palawan and i’d like to have a taste of their nice beaches and fresh food 🙂

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