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Last month I blogged about  the mystery of menopausal and  today  allow me to continue my   experience having this early menopausal. I am only 44 years old yet I have   started to feel  some weird moments brought by this  challenging stage  life.

Menopause occurs when a women stops ovulating and her period ceases. Most women reach this period  between 45 and 55 years. Mine is a  premature one because I  undergone hysterectomy operation.I believed that menopausal  is a very important time in a woman’s life . A woman’s body goes through many changes that can affect not only her social life, her feelings  but also  her functioning at work. There are  many misconceptions and myths surrounding it in the past like life would be a downhill after menopausal  but now  this perception has changed. Women opt to keep it a secret  but now more and more women are open  to talk about it .Menopausal is accepted as a natural step in the process of aging.

For me, I could say that being in this stage is a challenge . I have lots of discomforts, mood changes   and headaches. Last month,  I went to  a Cardiologist   to check my frequent heart palpitation. My ECG result was normal . The doctor explain that it’s part of my early menopausal period. Lately, I am experiencing joint pains. I thought it was only brought by my jogging exercise  but the pain worsens  in the evening or when it rains.  I   read from and other health sites  the  connection between hormonal changes and this kind of pain. Fluctuating estrogen levels and poor estrogen clearance, can affect how our joints feel. I guess it’s time to see an Orthopedic    and  have  myself checked for either osteoporosis or arthritis.

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